In 2220, a strategic star system was fully surveyed on the edge of human space. Plans had already been drawn to claim the system and fortify it, but GTU planners were surprised when it was discovered that another alien civilization already existed there. The civilization was incapable of faster than light travel, but preliminary recon revealed a number of satellites and primitive space stations in orbit over the planet. Examinations of the species' culture and broadcasts into space revealed that total political unification was on the horizon, and leading xeno-anthropologists predicted that the disparate peoples of the little world were mere decades away from making contact and becoming yet another competing empire. An emergency vote was held in the National Council, where a narrow majority decided that the threat of an alien civilization gaining FTL technology in the middle of human space was too great, and that the opportunity to prevent yet another competing space power from arriving on their doorstop had to be taken.

On June 22nd, 2222, human warships swept aside a hastily prepared orbital defense grid and began ground operations to capitulate the primitive Wessari. The initial campaign was quick, taking mere days to pacify them. The annexation of the Wessari, which had remained unannounced until after the war was declared won, immediately sparked controversy and fury across the GTU. Comparisons were drawn between the National Council and the Tyrum as many saw the absorption of the Wessari immoral and their integration into the widely human supremacist society of the GTU impossible. Documents were soon leaked by an unknown whistle-blower that presented irrefutable evidence that at least one of the Marshals supported the invasion solely to test the effectiveness of human ground forces.

The treaty concluded that they woul remain within GTU space, follow the Terran Code of Conduct. And be integrated into the Terran currency system.

Ultimately, it was decided that the Wessari would remain within the Greater Terran Union, though they would not be granted citizenship. The topic remained a hot-button issue for years to come as policy makers could always easily discredit their opponents by bringing up their opinion on the subjugation of the Wessari. Measures were put in place to segregate the Wessari from civilians, though this did nothing to keep the Wessari from protesting against the occupation of their homeworld, Artemis

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