Designing the Greater Terran Union - Incoming

Designing the Greater Terran Union - Incoming

The Water Crimes Division is a highly influential sect of the Greater Terran Union's law enforcement department. The Water Crimes division makes sure that the GTU's citizens (or low tiered citizens/slaves), don't use more water then they are allotted by their citizenship tier.


2153 - Probably the rest of the universe

After the Great Defensive War in 2153, and the Greater Terran Union was established in order to conserve already dwindling resources. The Marshalls ruled that they needed to create several laws to guaranteed the survival of the Human race. One of which was a law that decided that depending on a citizens standing in society they would be allotted a certain amount of water, for many different things like showering or drinking. And in order to make sure the GTU's citizens adhere to the new law, the Water crimes division was established. The greatest challenge the Water Crimes Division ever faced, was the Great AI rebellion were the Marshall's declared that all water rationing in the GTU was nullified, and in the aftermath of the rebellion many citizens refused to go back to their old rationing life.   


The WCD can be found present on all parts of Greater Terran Union society, including, the GTU's colonies across their controlled quadrants of space, the military and scientific outposts littered throughout Terran space, and even their war and scientific ships. So in order to route out the scum of water criminals water officers often will keep themselves hidden usually as old humans or something harmless. For example, Mrs. Rothfeller who's been undercover investigating one of her neighbors who has been suspected of buying illegal shower heads and using non-GTU approved towels.

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