Summary[edit | edit source]

The Union of Nimerium is a GTU puppet state. Established on Nimerium in 2399, 6, 23 after the end of the Terran-Compact war. This was the second GTU puppet state established within previously Algan Republic territory and the former United Clans of Skiron

Early History:[edit | edit source]

Before the establishment of the Union, there was another puppet state, named the Algan Republican States. This was in many ways similar to the Union of Nimerium, in that it was a GTU puppet state that was set up in order to be a buffer on the Algan/Terran border. This puppet state was eventually overthrown by pro-Algan Rep forces, which sparked the Terran-Compact war.

During the negotiations to end the Terran-Compact War, Diplomats of the GTU were on Nimerium in attempts to secure a break away state to cripple the Algan Republic into a worse bargaing position. This was mostly unsuccesful, until the GTU managed to secure a treaty. In the agreement the GTU would be allowed to create a puppet state, a buffer between the two in order to prevent further wars. They had some trouble finding a willing Polenien to cooperate, but they eventually found a candidate. This Poleniens name was Jut K´lickel, a war hero and idol to many, he had grown tired of the leadership of the Algan Republic, and wanted to form his own state. He was perfect, but in order to make him more appealing to the Terran leadership, he was renamed to: Bud Maple. which appealed to the current High Marshal.

Government:[edit | edit source]

The government is headed by the human minority, with a Polenien being the front for the people and outward politics. But in reality the state is ruled by the GTU.

Population:[edit | edit source]

Whilst 90% of the population is Polenien, it is the human minority, mostly politicans and people searching a better life after the Terran-Compact War, that control its actions and politics. It is them who keep the Union loyal to Terra and the High Marshal. Many humans emigrated to the Union after the final colonization of the Outer Rim to search for a new chance in life.

Military:[edit | edit source]

After the formation of the Union their military was strictly restricted by the GTU. They are only allowed to build and operate a certain amount of warships and armies. These ships are mostly patrol fleets and anti-piracy forces. The reason for this is to prevent any attempt of independence by Polenien partisans or to make sure that no Terran warlords attempt to take leadership by force. However during the Terran-Florian war they were decisive in the destruction of the Florian Federation fleet.[1]

Traits:[edit | edit source]

  • Militarist: They believe in a strong military to fight against other xenos and dangers
  • Egalitarian: They believe that every citizen of their empire has the right to be treated equally.
  • Xenophobe: They believe that all other xenos (except for humans) are disgusting.
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