One of the largest and prominent Commissariats in the Greater Terran Union, directly bordering the Core Sector of the GTU, the Rixian Directorate, the Union of Nimerium, the Faraxian Confederation, and the Raltek Confederation. Thermopylae Commissariat is surrounded on all sides by Terran territory and allies, arguably making it the astrographic heart of Terran power. It was created almost entirely from star systems conquered from members of the Compact, although it is now dominated by human colonists. Most of its planets have been terraformed into Continental type worlds, with the capital of the commissariat being the eponymous Thermopylae Station, the largest non-habitat space station in GTU space.

The commissariat was heavily devastated during the NEX uprising, and was partially occupied afterwards by the Rixian Directorate in a quasi-rebellious dispute with the GTU, causing the GTU to absorb the Directorate by 2647.

Planet Capital Type Information
Star Fortress Thermopalye Fleet yard Capital of the Thermopylae Commissariat; Formerly bastion, now a fleet yard; Site of multiple battles; Commissariat was regularly embroiled in GTU wars with the Algans and their allies.
Amazon Nova Manaus Jungle The majority of this moon is covered in factories, and is the largest forge moon in the sector.
Vinland Halifax Continental, Desert Vinland has many Ospranians; Halifax is an original GTU colony
Carthage Sahara Continental, Jungle Jungle Moon with colonization potentials
Warsaw Gilroys Harbor Continental Mining system, mostly settled by Skira colonists
Yamato Honshu Continental Planet settled primarily by Japanese and Ainu colonists.
Germania Rhein Continental An annexed world previously controlled by the Faraxian Union, and has been under military occupation for the majority of its administration.
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