The Terran Protectorates are semi-sovereign states that are nominally independent of direct Terran control, but are still beholden to Terran foreign policy and military direction. The Greater Terran Union annexed, reorganized and subjugated most of its neighboring nations by the time of the War In Heaven. Those nations were reorganized into Protectorates, with most of their domestic sovereignty retained, except for the provision of massive amounts of mineral and energy resources to the GTU, military conscription, maintenance of fleet and army levels decided by the Terran High Marshal, placing all intelligence services subservient to those of the GTU, and allowing unlimited access to their territories for Terran officials and agents. Protectorate military forces were crucial to Terran victories in the First Galactic War and important in amassing armadas large enough to drive back the Unbidden during the War In Heaven.

Most of the Terran Protectorates were former members of the Beneficial Compact. All were relatively loyal, and as of the mid 27th century include:

The Union of Nimerium Former Compact Member
Faraxian Confederation Former Compact Member
Rixian Galactic Directorate Former Compact Member
Raltek Confederation Former Rixian Vassal
Kaprisi Commonwealth Terran Created State
Latian Rebel State Revolutionary State seeking Terran Aid

Following the War in Heaven, most of the Milky Way was devastated by war. Several independent nations aligned with the GTU for post-war security and economic support, and in the following centuries, most of the galaxy would be incorporated into the Terran sphere of influence as new protectorates, new commissariats of the GTU, or junior allies.

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