The Greater Terran Union is composed of several semi-autonomous interstellar commissariats and civilian governments overtly blended with the military chain of command. The Interstellar Commissariats are different from the Homeworld Commissariats of Earth, and are inherently malleable tools for the national government to manage its interstellar affairs.

Homeworld Commissariats of Earth[edit | edit source]

Terrestrial Commissariats Capital Ratification/ Flag Adoption Year
United Americas Calgary 2153
Central American San Miguel 2154
Pan-Carribean Havana 2155
South American Buenos Aires 2154
European Strasbourg 2154
Albion London 2183
Nordic Stockholm 2154
Balkan Budapest 2154
Eurasian Moscow 2138
Arabian Algiers 2156
Karakum Instanbul 2154
African Dar es Saleem 2155
Greater Indian Karachi 2167
Pan-Asian Shanghai 2155
Japanese-Korean Tsushima 2155
Sunda Singapore 2157
Pan-Pacific Sydney 2154

Every commissariat official holds dual civilian and military ranks allowed by their citizenship tier. A commissariat is governed by a Commissar-General, often a Marshall, who is appointed by the High Marshal and approved by the Commissariat's Regional Assembly. Most powers in these regional governments are vested in the Commissar-General's Office, with the Regional Assembly channeling the will of popular sentiment, business interests, scientific and non-governmental organizations.

Commissariats may be created, expanded, reduced, or dissolved by order of the High Marshal and on approval of the National Assembly. By the late 27th century the GTU had a half-dozen or so interstellar commissariats, along with newly acquired territories that would likely later be reformed into new ones.

Interstellar Commissariats extant in 2690 included[edit | edit source]

Interstellar Commissariats System Capital Established Year
Aurora Rodina Volga 2363
Sakaraya Yeni Ankara
Outer Rim
Raznum Raznum Artemis 2222
Horizon Horizon
Thermopylae Moria Thermopylae Station

More commissariats were formed after the War in Heaven, with the Florian Commissariat the first among them, which was composed of the former Florian Matriarchy. Some new commissariats were formed from conquered regions of the Milky Way, while others were formed from voluntary annexations of relatively weak galactic powers.

The Core Sector, centered on the Sol System and early GTU colonies are exempt from the Commissariat system, have no self-governance and are ruled directly by the National Assembly. Highly important but lightly or uninhabited systems, such as the L-Cluster or the Xani Core World are governed as part of the Core Sector as well.

Occasionally the GTU would retain conquered regions as Occupation Zones, without formally including them in the Union. These regions were ruled by martial law, and were either a step towards integration as full commissariats, or an end to their occupation and release as Terran Protectorates.

The meaning of the word "Commissariat"[edit | edit source]

Terran Commissariats should not be confused with other meanings of the word commissariat. The commissariats of the GTU are political/military subdivisions of the GTU, with no almost separation between civil government and the military. Possibly confused meanings include:

  • A police station.
  • A logistics unit which provides military units with food and supplies.
  • Russian/USSR military commissariats, charged with military administrative actives.
  • People's Commissariats of the USSR, akin to government ministries rather than territorial governments.
  • Political Commissars, individuals charged with overseeing political orthodoxy in military units.
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