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The story of humanity did not begin in the cold, merciless vaccum of space, instead they began in caves; cavemen. Fearful and worshipping everything that they could not comprehend. But they stood out amongst all the other species of Earth; they had the power. This power brought on revolutions, introducing technologies, allowing humanity to progress furthur on with the help of machines. Soon, they began crossing great plains on horses, followed by enduring the depths of the oceans, discovering new lands. Wars broke out from disagreements, then power. After those wars, humanity settled down and promised never take arms.

The Tyrum took the promise away.

They mercilessly attacked Earth. Despite humanity's efforts, it was not enough. But due to that power that humanity had since the begeinning of their story, they prevailled, causiing the Tyrum more frustration with the fact that their tactics are effective against their superior war machines. Humanity, for the first time had been united with a bond strong that even the strongest of armies will never be able to break it.

The Tyrum soon learned to never mess with Humanity's power, the power of hope, intellect, and perservearance.

Terra Invicta.

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