Welcome to the Stellaris Invicta Wiki[edit | edit source]

This is a fan wiki of the Stellaris Invicta series from the Youtube channel The Templin Institute. Discover how they play the space strategy game Stellaris, with the Greater Terran Union (GTU) bringing glory to humans across the galaxy and fear to Xeno scum.

This wiki exists to follow the Institute on Youtube or Twitch.tv in terms of game-play and lore.

Submission Guidelines[edit | edit source]

In order to be as complete and accurate as possible, this project has a few rules that should be followed by every contributor.

1. The only acceptable source of information for this archive shall be the Stellaris Invicta Episodes as on the Templin Institute (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4YabFfWSaelXgXfV6T2ISJ5UN7Nci3qA)

2. Every submission must include a rough timestamp of where in the episode this information is located. (ie: Episode 4. 5 minutes, 20 seconds in)

3. All Submissions are subject to review based on the following criteria:

-- Accuracy; The submission ought to contain accurate information, such as a direct quote from the episode. Any submission that is inaccurate will be edited by the team to reflect proper accuracy.

-- Necessity; The submission should be a necessary component of the wiki, extraneous information that is reviewed as unnecessary shall be considered inadmissible.

Thank you for joining the Reclamation Project, your work is much appreciated.

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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