Sol is a main sequence type G Star located in the Galactic North along the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The solar system is home to two continental type habitable worlds, Earth and Mars, the latter of which was made habitable due to artificial terraforming. The system is the administrative capital of the Greater Terran Union and is one of the largest centers of industry and commerce in the galaxy, with a population of around 35 billion located on the two primary planets as well as various space stations, habitats and asteroid outposts. Being the oldest of the human systems, immigration to Sol is restricted as a means of population control, and entry to the system can only be done on a temporary basis barring persons moving for official government or military related reasons. The native population is given large incentives to move out of the system and into the colonies, which serves a dual purpose of improving population density elsewhere in the Union and relieving population pressure on Earth and Mars. The system is notable for possessing 4 hyperspace jump points, which is unusual due to the relative size of Sol, as systems possessing more then 3 jump points tend to be either supermassive stars or binary/trinary star systems.

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