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The RGC was encountered by the Greater Terran Union in 2238.09.05.

It was later a part of an anti-GTU coalition, named the Compact. Consisting of them, the Algan Republic and the Faraxian Union. They participated in several wars against the GTU.

This membership came to an end after the final war between the Compact and the GTU, ending with the vassalization of the RGC and most other members.

In 2647, the GTU´s control was fully cemented, when the RGC was fully integrated by the GTU.

Raltek Confederation - Vassal[]

Prior to the integration of the Directorate into the GTU, the Raltek Confderation was a vassal state of the Rixian Directorate. The Confederation constituted a single star system, but had a relatively large population, with three habitable planets, a major space station, and three space habitats. During the final war between the GTU and the Compact, Raltek held the GTU at bay for several years. Its planets possessed FTL inhibitors and planetary shields, negating the ability of the GTU to bypass the system or to use orbital bombardment to destroy Raltek ground forces. All three planets had to be invaded in the Siege of Raltek, the bloodiest ground campaign in GTU history.

The fall of Raltek opened up the inner systems of the Directorate to GTU forces. Within months of the breakthrough at Raltek, the Rixians surrendered and accepted their status as a Terran Protectorate. Following the Integration, Raltek legally became a direct subject of the GTU and a Terran Protectorate.