1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox StateA former GTU puppet state, collapsed due to a rebellion. The Republic was composed of Algan Republic worlds occupied by the GTU during a war with the Beneficial Compact. After the war Terran administrators on the occupied worlds formed new states and appointed nominal heads of state from local collaborators. The new states formed the Republic of Polenian States, and claimed sovereignty over the entirety of the remaining Algan Republic. Only a handful of star systems were controlled by the Polenian States, and were separated from each other, sitting in isolated pockets on the borders of the Algan Republic.

After several decades the population on every planet in the Republic revolted, and most local military forces declared their alleigance to the Algan Republic. Shortly after the Algans reclaimed their worlds, and the Terrans declared war. In the following war most of the Algan Republic was occupied, and placed in a new, much stronger puppet state called the Union of Nimerium.

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