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The Republic of Mandakir is one of the original colonies in the Antares System and a constituent nation of the Antares Confederacy.


Named for the largest river on Lindiwe, the settlements that would eventually become the Republic of Mandakir existed as a tight-knit community spread across its delta. The emergence of a previously unknown species of insect, and the plague they carried, is estimated to have killed more than 30% of the Site’s population before a cure was eventually found.

This initial catastrophe led to the rise of an autocratic regime that attempted to invest heavily into industrial developments. This government would eventually collapse following contact with the neighboring Republic of Maltuan and the Republic of Chengatai. Successive governments since then have been marked by political turmoil and a series of bloodless coups.

Despite uneven economic reforms and a number of unsuccessful infrastructure projects, Mandakir’s levels of poverty have reduced significantly. The nation is also rapidly reinvesting in its antiquated but reliable heavy industry, hoping to benefit from the Second Colonization Campaigns.[1]


Leaked information from the Vrul War sparked protests in Mandakir, among many protests across the Confederacy.[2]

In the years after the conquest of the Vrul, Mandakir hosted the Mandakir International Engineering Fair, an intra-Confederate fair to show the technological advancements of each constituent nation.[3]


Mandakir's unique blend of capitalism and socialism has been called "A model for all the confederacy" by the Prime Minister of Antares.[4]


Mandakir is home to Mandakir Orbital Lift ( MOL ) which is used to transport cargo on the orbit of Lindiwe.


The Republic of Mandakir is located on the moon Lindiwe, orbiting the great gas giant Bao, which in turns orbits Abeni — the main star of the Antares System. Mandakir shares Lindiwe with the Republic of Maltuan and the Republic of Alfjari-Vet.[5]