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The Republic of Chengatai is a major nation in the Antares System and one of the founding states of the Antares Confederacy. Chengatai is considered to be one of the "big four" nations in the Antares system.[1]

The Republic of Chengatai has traditionally been one of the great powers of Antares. Among the most populous of the original colonies, the nation was the first established within the system and was able to rapidly expand its territorial extent. While encompassing the entire continent on which it first settled, the majority of its population still resides in Ariko, its first city and capital.

Chengatai was the third nation to re-achieve permanent spaceflight and spearheaded the restoration of contact between the nations of Abeni. Its interstellar achievements have made Chengatai a leader within the Confederacy.[2]


At the time of Reunification Day, Chengatai was one the most powerful nations in the Antares System. The Republic of Chengatai joined the newly established Antares Assembly and tried to position itself to assume leadership of the organisation. However, this effort was hindered by the Federation of Jut Fareed, and the Republic of Retiva which were attempting the same thing. In response, the Republic of Chengatai established its own supernational union - the Ariko Pact.[3]

While the benefits offered by the Ariko Pact were considerable, the increasing tension between the Pact and its competitors only served to alienate many of the neutral nations they were attempting to influence. On March 1st, 164 AL, the Republic of Maltuan, the Republic of Sabmadi, the Free State of Sagallo, and the Union of Thanh-Jenal, established the competing Non-Aligned Movement of Antares. The Non-Aligned Movement quickly became the largest in the system, with many of the remaining neutral nations joining the new institution.[4]

By 189 AL, all members of the Ariko Pact except the Republic of Chengatai had left and had instead joined the Non-Aligned Movement. On September 4th, 191 AL, The Republic of Chengatai dissolved the Ariko Pact and was unofficially accepted into the Non-Aligned Movement, which, as a face saving measure was immediately dissolved. Instead the Antares Assembly underwent a complete reform, adopting both the structure, laws and decorum of the Non-Aligned Movement. This led to the establishment of the Antares Confederacy 11 years later.[5]


Among Chengatai's groups and bands is the all-female group "Red Nine," which released the hit single "Vanilla" in the years after the Confederate conquest of Torix.[6] The supergroup was active in 258 AL, during the Vrul War. A performance to raise war bonds in Torres Bay, Rhumbdara, turned into an unexpected victory celebration with the announcement of the Vrul regime's surrender. Red Nine's government funding was not well known at the time.[7] Chengatai's most widely spoken language was also its most fragmented. Concerns over the consequential problems coincided with Antares tabling contemplated language reforms.[8]


During the Vrul War, Chengatai participated in "Cowboy Lightning," a series of military exercises with the Union of Thanh-Jenal featuring captured Vrul equipment.[7] Species segregation in the military continued into the early 6th century on the basis of military logistics needs.[8]

A terrorist attack on the Panopticon left 21 representatives and 39 security forces dead, with almost 140 wounded.[9] Retiva sent aid to assist rebuilding Chengatai after the terrorist attack.[10]

Chancellor Jeong decried a coverup concerning Ariane. The plight of its dying colony may have been known by some nations.[8]


Despite Chengatai's achievements, a lack of investment in domestic infrastructure has caused significant social unrest. Together with the Republic of Retiva, it is one of the only nations within the Confederacy to have made considerable investments into a military-industrial complex.[2] This has made Chengatai one of the greatest contributors to the Confederacy's war efforts.[11]

Among Chengatai's corporations was HEXACORP, a controversial and ultimately criminal company which was dissolved during the Vrul War as its last CEO fled the system in an ultimately futile attempt to escape imprisonment.[7]


The nation is located on the planet Hai, which orbits Abeni — the main star of the Antares System. Chengatai shares Hai with the Federation of Rhumdara.[12]

Chengatai boasts among its fauna an animal known locally as the Faux Panda.[6]