The Peronisti Union is one of the interplanetary nations that shares a border with the Greater Terran Union. The Peronisti are a reptilian race originating from the planet Norepnauj in the Ative System. Their outlook was decidely xenophilic and democratic, with their society framed around the values of cooperation and galactic unity, and seeking to build alliances and federations with other races.

In the early 23rd century, their society was marked by a sense of great optimism regarding the future, with a widespread belief that any race advanced enough to achieve faster-than-light travel, would realise the futility and wastefulness of conflict. This optimism saw the Peronisti expand rapidly, settling multiple colony worlds in short order, including Derokem and Seradul in the Alphecca System, Fulexom and Gekolar in the Olimar System, Ralafek in the Magam System, Garbex in the Taramba System and Sumlek in the Perqim System.

Unfortunately for the idealistic Peronisti, the bitter experience of finding out that many other races, including the Greater Terran Union (who they first contacted in 2237), did not share their pacifistic beliefs, caused something of a political upheaval in the Peronisti Union. Extensive debates within their society led to new materialistic philosophies coming to prominence, and an alliance with the Suth-Vel Confederacy under the auspices of the Bright League.

In the 2290s, a Peronisti named Imixidal would rise to the Chancellorship, on an uncharacterically aggressive and warlike platform, based around defending the Union's borders from external threats. Citing concerns over the GTU's militarism and continual territorial expansion, Imixidal would convince both the Peronisti people, in collaboration with the Suth-Vel Confederacy leadership, to launch a preemptive war of containment against the GTU. Controversially, this included demands for the GTU to cede control of the Figizar, Galpan, and Hillije Systems, to act as a buffer zone.

Achieving the element of surprise, the Peronisti were able to strike whilst GTU forces were concentrated on the borders of the Algan Republic and Rixian Galactic Directorate, enjoying considerable numerical superiority as they stormed through the lightly-defended Outer Rim territories, seizing 6 key border systems and advancing as far as Izta. GTU planners were stunned, having long considered the Peronisti to not pose a serious threat, given the vast interstellar distances and logistical challenges.

Despite these early successes, their momentum would grind to a halt in 2300, with the Peronisti Fleet becoming bogged down in an effort to clear the Crystalline Hives from the Doria System to protect their overstretched supply lines, and consolidate their gains. A factional dispute within the Peronisti command structure led to conflcting movement orders being issued, causing the Peronisti fleet on several occasions to mysteriously withdraw from the front, despite possessing tactical superiority and the strategic initiative.

GTU planners would use the time to rally their forces, mustering in the binary Qamm System. When the two fleets finally clashed in the 'Battle of the Binary', the result was a decisive and costly defeat for the Bright League. Over the next two years, all occupied GTU territory would be liberated, with Peronisti forces again decisively defeated in the Diphda, Nimolan and Hlilje Systems. In the resulting peace, the strategically important choke point of Orglion would be ceded to the GTU.

Despite these defeats, Peronisti society would remain open to those who shared their beliefs, with Jash na-Febor - a Skiro - achieving election to the Presidency.

During the War in Heaven, they were one of the nations that joined the GTU in the federation of the League of Non-Aligned Powers.

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