The League of Non Aligned Powers, or simply "The League", or "The Coalition" was created from an alliance of the Greater Terran Union and the other races of the galaxy on May 29th, 2615 with the signing of the Solar Accords. It came as a response to the sudden assault by the Awakened Empires upon the younger races of the galaxy following the rejection of demands made by the Jaz Gavaz and Xani by the GTU. The coalition rapidly expanded to encompass 80% of the Galaxy in a loose confederation. Unlike previous federations, the Coalition was not a political union so much as a coordinating body for the massive war efforts against the galaxy wide threat of the Awakened Empires and later the Unbidden. The headquarters of the Coalition is located in London, on Earth.

Following the War in Heaven, the League largely fell apart as the immediate need for a general coordinating body to defend the galaxy was lost. However, the Greater Terran Union refused to repudiate the Solar Accords, and came to view the terms of the compact as granting the GTU authority to intervene upon the request of any sentient race in the galaxy. The first instance of this would be in 47 AWH, when the Kingdom of Partoga would request GTU intervention in dealing with the sudden resurgence of the Priki-ti-ki. The Priki Pacification campaign would serve the dual purpose of affirming the continued enforcement of the Solar Accords post war in heaven, as well as allowing for any interstellar polity to affirm its ties to the GTU. The first example of this being the surviving systems of the Stellar Axis who would request protection from their enemies by the GTU.

Over the ensuing centuries that came to be known as the Unification Campaigns the League would become the primary influence network of the GTU over GTU inspired governments and protectorates across the Galaxy. As the preeminent power, the GTU would use its authority under the Solar Treaty to expand its influence in the member nations, which ultimately led to the unification of all interstellar polities in the Milky Way under the banner of the GTU.

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