Last Light is a Type M red dwarf star located on the periphery of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The system was originally designated Gliese 133, and is notable for possessing a hyperspace jump point that connects to the outer Cygnus Arm. The system was colloquially named "Last Light" by the GTU Border Guards assigned to the system, and for much of its history it was the furthest most GTU system facing Vol Space. Most exploration vessels or independent merchants who traveled past the system into Vol territory would not return, and the system gained a reputation for being the "last light of civilization" on the frontiers of the GTU's outer rim territories. During the First Galactic War, the system would become site to the Battle of Last Light, one of the largest single engagements in Union history, as three fleets of the Terran Navy engaged a massive armada of NEX extermination ships that had overrun the recently conquered Vol territories and were driving towards the core worlds of the GTU.

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