The position of High Marshal is held by a single person within the Greater Terran Union for 20 years with no term limits, with many Marshals serving until their deaths. The position of High Marshal is the highest political position within the GTU. It was created by the Council of Marshals due to criticism of the Council's slow response to issues. It is said that the person holding the position is "first among equals" symbolizing that while it is quite prestigious to hold the title, you are still bound to the council of the people.

Known High Marshals Edit

Román Loredo Ruiz --- (July 11, 2176 - Circa 2200) The first High Marshal from the United Americas Commissariat. His appointment to the office marked a turning point in North American integration.

Natasha Fox --- (Jan 1, 2200 - April 1, 2220). Her term saw the GTU expand to other star systems and the creation of GTU´s first colony in the Sirius System. She served as High Marshal until her term expired.

Lee Martin --- (April 1 2220 - Jan 4, 2272), being reelected twice, and serving until his death.

Alexei Dejanus --- (Jan 4, 2272 - September 22, 2306), serving until his death.

Ronald Franklin --- (Jan 10, 2307 - April 30, 2341), retiring from office, with rumors say he was passed over for the job of the Outer Ring Commissariat Governor.

Qing Huang --- (May 10, 2347 - April 23, 2409). High Marshal Huang was first elected in 2347 after her exemplary service in the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet. Her tenure had seen the rise and fall of the Great Khan, a large GTU terraforming project, the end of the Third Algan war, and the Fourth Algan war. She is the first High Marshal to serve a third term, and is the longest serving High Marshal so far, serving 62 years until her death. She was also one of the longest serving non-monarchical heads of state in human history, the next longest being Fidel Castro of Cuba in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Carla Diaz --- (July 7, 2409 - October 15, 2429). She was forced to resign after immense public backlash to her unpopular policies. She was, to the surprise of many, reelected as the High Marshal on January 10th, 2450 and serving until her death on July 20, 2490. Many consider her death to be unnatural, with investigations into foul play being closed by the Council of Marshals.

Connor Lonergan --- (October 20, 2429 - January 10, 2450) One of the more controversial Marshals, barely serving half a term. He was the High Marshal responsible for the destruction of the Tyrum homeworld, Byrum, and is considered to be one of the greatest heroes to humanity due to him circumventing the Tyrum Consensus and giving humanity their much awaited vengeance.

Aahana Nalk --- (August 1, 2490 - ???) The youngest Marshal to ever be elected, many in the senior echelons of High Command had low expectations of of her. But she lead the nation to the best of her ability during one of the most destructive times of the GTU, the NEX UPRISING, a several sector wide robotic uprising that saw the deaths of billions of GTU citizens and aliens alike.

Hong Xu --- (March 23, 2591 - February 20, 2598) Fleet Admiral Hong Xu, the War Hero of the NEX UPRISING and commander of the battleship, Last Light, is elected High Marshal, to the surprise of no one. She resigned on February 20, 2598 and retired to her family estate on Volga.

Cayde Zavn --- (February 27, 2598 - August 20, 2618) A charismatic leader, and one of the greatest diplomats in the Union, he was elected during the reconstruction period of the GTU after the NEX UPRISING. He saw the GTU join the federation called the League of Non-aligned Powers, an alliance created to counter-act the rising tensions with the last two fallen empires in the galaxy, the Jaz'Gavaz Peacekeepers and the Xani Restorers.

Sefu Dimka --- (August 25, 2618 - June 1, 2625) Currently the shortest-term Marshal to ever be elected, though the reason for his short-term was due to him dying via a heart attack. He served as the first human president of the League of Non-aligned Powers, and lead the federation into the first few victories against the fallen empires.

Marcia Fieldman --- (April 5, 2626 - ???). Marcia was elected after the unexpected death of Sefu Dimka. Since Sefu's term as president of the League did not yet expire, Marcia was elected to finish the rest of his term, and oversaw the administration of the GTU to its ultimate victory in the War in Heaven. Numerous alien religions revere her as a saint or even a deity, especially among cultist groups that emerged on devastated worlds in the Galactic East and South.

Tryjan Daughter of Enim -- (Circa 2753) First Wessari High Marshall.

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