The Antares Confederacy, officially the Confederate Republics of Antares, is a loose confederation of the 11 nations of the Antares System. When forming the Confederacy, the 11 surviving nations of Antares hoped with their combined resources, the Antares System can be fully developed, and the means to break beyond the confines of their system might be found.[1] The Antares Confederacy was established for the sole purpose of re-establishing contact with Earth. It is on this issue alone that the constituent nations of the Confederacy are united and there remains the strong possibility of secession or civil war.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Earhart Colonization Program[edit | edit source]

On the 1st of March 2159 CE, 6 million colonists departed Earth's orbit as part of the Earhart Colonization Program. These colonists were intended to become the second wave of settlers in the newly sufficient Antares Colonies. The colonisation flotilla entered the artificial wormhole without incident. However, when the scheduled check-ins were missed and 30 months passed with no sign of the flotilla, Earth declared the flotilla lost, mourning the largest loss of life in the modern era.[3]

However, the Earhart Flotilla had not been destroyed in the transition but had instead arrived in an unknown star system. This system, while unsurveyed, contained several worlds that appeared capable of supporting human life. In honour and memory of their original destination, the colonists of the Earhart Flotilla named the system Antares.[4]

First Colonization Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Without the means to sustain their population in a single settlement, and fearful of alien diseases, natural disasters or other calamities the flotilla spread itself across 19 sites in the Antares system, in the hopes that some, if not all, would survive. The flotilla colonised Dakarai, Ariane, Lindiwe, Hai, Nakiska, Alhaji, Vinh and Ziva.[5] While these settlements remained in contact at first, eventually their dwindling power reserves were better spent fueling agriculture or nascent industry. For decades, each colony struggled in isolation, hoping that day, they or their descendants might be reunited with each other. From these meager settlements, grew nations, and in time, a few even managed to launch satellites back into orbit.[6]

Reunification and Confederation[edit | edit source]

Reunification was achivied in 149 AL.[7] The reunification was bittersweet, as not every colony had prospered, of the 19 orginal settlements, only 11 had survived. Some had fallen to local diseases or predators, others simply starved to death. The fate of one remains classified. Despite their acomplishments, the nations of the Antares system, developed very differently during their isolation, and cooperation did not always come easily.[8] Yet through great effort in 202 AL the survivng nations of Antares ceded some of their soverinty to the provisional Antares Confederacy.[9]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On the 7th of August 2020 the Antares Confederacy won the Stellaris Invicta Season 2 poll with 56% of the vote.[10]
  • The Green Frontier Flag won the flag poll with 57% of the vote.

References[edit | edit source]

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