Foe of the GTU Edit

The Algan Republic was one of the first alien nations encountered by the GTU, and would become its primary rival in the first half of the third millennium. The Republic was named after its founder, Algan Parvanu, a great statesman and diplomat who was instrumental in forming the one world government on Nimerium. Nimerium itself is the homeworld to the plantoid Polenians, who emerged as a major force in the galactic north following their discovery of an abandoned Tyrum corvette in their home system in the year 2097 CE. As a member of the Beneficial Compact the Algan Republic could call on a much larger military force than it could support on its own. In the late 23rd century the Republic annexed Skiron, homeworld of the United Clans of Skiron.

After the Terran-Compact War the Republic was completely replaced by the Union of Nimerium as a loyal Terran Protectorate.

Trivia Edit

  • The Algan Republic was one of the player submitted empires submitted to a contest held by the Templin Institute.
  • Because the Algan was populated mainly by a plantoid race, the GTU gained a long runnning distrust of plantoid races.
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